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"The Master Healer" Water Bottle
"The Master Healer" Water Bottle
"The Master Healer" Water Bottle

"The Master Healer" Water Bottle

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Handmade Item

Clear Crystal Quartz  aka "The Master Healer”

★ Promotes Harmony
★ Creates Peace
★ Enhances Psychic Abilities
★ Reduces Anxiety
★ Amplifies Energy (of all other crystals around it)

Clear Quartz is a chakra cleanser. It repels any type of negative energy. Clear Quartz is one of the most powerful centerpieces for a crystal grid. Crystal Quartz stores, transmits and amplifies energy. Using this stone helps one communicate with their spirit guides. This is a great crystal to enhance meditation practices. 

Product Description

This crystal water bottle is made with genuine hand-cut clear quartz. Each bottle is embellished with two beautiful rhinestones added on the top. This edition maintains the simplicity of the bottle while adding to its beauty and overall aesthetic! The crystal water bottle itself is made of glass, with a removable bottom for easy cleaning. Each glass water bottle also comes with a protective fabric cover.

Please read: The Artist has informed us that we should expect some variance and color from the stock photos as these are natural hand-cut crystals